The 8 Best Thrift Stores in Wyoming!

The strength of a state’s thrift store culture is directly proportional to the vibrancy of its history. So, in a state like Wyoming, you can expect some of the most impressive thrift stores in the country. In a melting pot of Western expansion and American nostalgia, the secondhand market has blossomed. Here are the 8 best thrift stores in the state. 

NU2U, Laramie, WY

Worn to some, but “new to you,” this well-stocked secondhand staple has provided high-quality hand-me-downs for nearly 15 years. Be it men’s, women's, or kids, this shop has something for any closet (an entire floor is dedicated to children’s and maternity clothing). Outside the usual lineup of jackets, t-shirts, and pants, NU2U houses vintage gems and most any quirky holiday-themed accoutrement. Unique to the area, and to most thrift stores, this Laramie landmark showcases some decent outdoor/technical and Western-centric wear, all in surprisingly good quality and condition. Rest assured, the standards here make any acquisition a worthy one. 

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Plato’s Closet, Cheyenne, WY

A multi-state and professionally-run consignment store, Plato’s Closet is a well-stocked and quality-driven enterprise ideal for trading-in or re-upping one’s wardrobe. Most notably, and unlike so many of its ilk, this shop caters towards the most discerning of style palates: teens and young adults. Whether it’s a newer dress, or quirky t-shirt, or Western relic, or hipster accessory, this thrift store has got it. The selection here, with an eye not only for quality but for relative “coolness,” is the real accomplishment of Plato’s: if a teenager approves, it’s gotta be trendy, if not good. 

Deja Nu Flea Market & Thrift Shop, Cheyenne, WY

Deju Nu evokes all those nostalgic feelings of grandma’s: retro, perhaps a little dated, full of gorgeous trinkets and a closetfuls of clothes that are bound to have a reawakening in popularity. While many thrift outlets primarily showcase clothing, this quirky locale leans towards antiques, collectibles, furniture accents and a host of aged treasures, patina’d with history and multiple owners. The real draw here is the eclectic and esoteric mix of items, be them retro appliances or porcelain or paintings. It’s fun just picking-through the melange. 

Browse ’N Buy, Jackson, WY

Browse ’N Buy accomplishes what many secondhand operations fail to do: merging mission with luxury, worldview with wardrobe. Run by local St John’s Church, which has manifested its lifework into a popular outlet, this store provides comparably upscale garb and appliances. Not only are the hand-me-downs in excellent condition, having passed the operation’s quality check, but a handful of luxury items are available as well: handbags, purses, even shoes. Both a result of its environs (the Jackson Hole area is demanding and often upscale) and its overarching CV, this shopping experience seems far more “classy,” than “thrifty.”

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Rescued Treasures, Casper, WY

The name Rescued Treasures couldn’t be more appropriate. Here, the selection and “gently-used” status of the items codifies the fact that secondhand rarely means “worn-out.” An offshoot of the Wyoming Rescue Mission, this warehouse-sized shop is chock-full of any jacket, jean or jumper of any style, all affordable, in good condition and guilt-free. Not only does this thrift outlet provide high-quality clothing and antiques, its proceeds help support local therapy, poverty and church-mission community programs. So, pick out a new wardrobe, collect some antiques, or add to an upcoming party costume, one can rest assured that all the proceeds support the community writ large. 

The Cottage at St. Matthew's, Laramie , WY

The playfully colorful sign and architecture is quite revealing. The Cottage at St. Matthew's is just that: a welcoming, tongue-in-cheek shop centered on community generally, and high-quality clothing specifically. Through its volunteer program and with store proceeds funneling towards worthwhile poverty and counseling services, this gracious cottage simply embodies charity. And like any good thrift store, the focus here is giving. Whether it’s one of hundreds of wardrobe combinations, a pair of shoes, a used TV, or a dress shirt, this gracious cottage even employs the word “free”: if one hasn’t the funds for a given item, the honorable staff will do their best to accommodate, if not donate. 

Finders Keepers Thrift Store, Buffalo, WY

Buffalo is a supremely Western town, built by frontiersmen, bordering incomparable wilderness, a hub for outdoor sports, and now, supported by recent natural resource exploits in the area. As such, the area is simultaneously the least likely place to find a thrift shop, and a town in which one is desperately needed. It’s refreshing that a “country” town with less than 5,000 residents supports such a diverse and high-quality secondhand store. Run by the town’s senior center, this shop stocks a cornucopia of items beyond clothing, tailoring its inventory to the Western, the outdoor and the local. Perhaps most rewarding is the noticeable impact made by even small purchases. As all proceeds go to the center’s activities and outreach, the simple purchase of a stylish piece of Wyoming nostalgia inevitably helps fund a much larger community. 

This ’N That Second Hand Store, Douglas, WY

This ’N That definitely has this and that. It’s a hodgepodge of items, be they jewelry or clothing, housewares or decor, all delightfully Western and more “broken-in” than “already worn.” Not only is the surrounding topography gorgeous and instantly evokes hardened pioneers sculpting the frontier West, but the town itself provides all the necessary lore and charm needed to invigorate a worthwhile thrift hunt. The myth of the jackalope started in Douglas, as did a lineage of stellar racehorses (Sir Barton is buried here), and traveling dignitaries during the bourgeoning 19th century. Just like its surroundings, this secondhand store is an oft-overlooked gem. 

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