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Tecumseh's Trading Post

Tecumseh's Trading Post
140 West Yellowstone Avenue

The Old West lives on at the Tecumseh's Old West Miniature Village and Museum located with Tecumseh's Trading Post. Thousands of miniature figures trace the history of Wyoming and Montana from the 1600s to the late 1890s at the indoor village located near the Cody Rodeo Grounds and Old Trail Town.

Tiny buffalo driven over the edge of a cliff are suspended in mid-fall. Mountain men fight and throw tomahawks at the Green River Rendezvous. A stockade trading post, first known structure built by whites in Wyoming, is besieged by Sioux.

Chief Joseph retreats from the Army through the mountains. Indians communicate with smoke signals. Little Big Horn swarms with hundreds of people. A homestead is burned by Indians, with prisoners marching in front of their captors.

A train winds through the scenes, and visitors can push a button to operate it. Recordings and a map will help guide you through this unique exhibit.

Jerry Fick spent his lifetime collecting and making the figures. Portrayals are historically accurate, though not necessarily to scale.

The museum section of the complex includes thousands of Western and Indian artifacts.  Including full size wildlife mounts, guns of the Frontier and fur trade artifacts.

An 1882 issue of Harper's Weekly details the death of Jesse James. A beaver hat, pre-1840, was made from grinding beaver fur and mixing it with mercury.

The oldest piece of Indian pottery dates from about 1200 AD and was excavated in Pennsylvania in the 1920s.

The Old West Miniature Village and Museum is located with Tecumseh's Frontier Trading Post, which produced clothing for the movies "Tombstone" and "Son of the Morning Star."

The museum is open daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. mid-May through mid-September. During the winter season, hours vary, please let us know you are coming!

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