The 10 Best Lunch Spots in Wyoming!

In Italy, lunch is two hours. It’s heavy, multi-course, and followed by a nap. But in a rugged, hard-working frontier state like Wyoming, lunch time is a little more important. Whether its minivan’d families passing through or a quick stop for the outdoorsman, Wyoming is home to the perfect variation of lunch spots. No matter if you’re fueling up or pigging out, these 10 great lunch spots are sure to satisfy. 

Su Casa Cafe, Sinclair, WY

Su Casa embodies those idyllic, family-run tortilla and taco vendors dotting roadsides of the American Southwest. The welcoming and supremely humble vibe realizes the “Your House” moniker, providing handcrafted and uncomplicated Mexican fare, authentic and universally comforting. For under $10, some of the best tortilla-centric creations in the state are on offer, be them beef, steak or chicken. Tacos and enchiladas, in green or red, are excellent. Or check out the house specialty, a hearty taco smothered in green chile and sour cream. 

Cafe Genevieve, Jackson, WY

“Bringing the South to Your Mouth” since 2010, the exterior to this charmingly stylish establishment says all that needs to be said. The historic pine-log skeleton, circa 1906, makes for a warm, welcoming and recognizable cabin. It’s also sleek, clean, and modern. The food and service at Genevieve are equally dichotomous: comforting and familiar, with a modern sensibility towards sustainability and subtle experimentation. This cafe maintains its frontier appeal, serving comfort-centric brunch (Eggs Benedict & huevos rancheros) and lunch, which features an amazing pappardelle with pork ragu, seasonal salads and an excellent trademark burger. 

Smiling Moose Deli, Gillette, WY

Calling this regional deli a “franchise” belies its community-focused, friendly, home-made mentality, permeating menu and staff. For over a decade, this Colorado-based firecracker has melded the unpretentious Rocky Mountain qualities of palatable pricing, genuinely-smiling service and decently-sized portions, with that of a modern attention to responsible sourcing and creative flavor combinations. Weaved amongst all-day breakfast and seasonal specials, any hot or cold sandwich here is down to please, from melty turkey-bacon to crisp chickpea-avocado. The “Mo” is a signature creation: a savory layering of ground beef on baguette, with regionally-exotic accents like chiles, pastrami or roasted veggies. 

Cowboy Cafe, Multiple locations

Now in its 25th year, this down-home breakfast-lunch restaurant has happily served hearty, frill-less Americana to generations of hardworking Wyomingites. This wood-planked storefront still sports the retro Western facade, proudly retaining its frontier past. As with its breakfasts and dinner, the lunch menu is approachable, filling and nostalgic to the hilt: burgers, sandwiches and salads. Stacks of beef and bun here are unabashedly big and juicy. The buffalo burger is moist and uber-savory, and the “Ultimate” is stacked with cheeses, bacon and mushrooms. The sandwiches and salads are equally satisfying, if not lighter in the belly: standouts are the cranberry-pecan-and-brie chicken, the house Reuben and steak salad. The Cowboy Cafe isn’t reinventing the wheel. It’s just perfecting it. Find locations in Dubois, Riverton, and Sheridan. 

The Hamburger Stand, Casper, WY

Nostalgia is an exceptionally strong force. It gives some stability, a shred of sanity, in an otherwise endlessly changing world. In this context, the classics become “classic” for a reason. The humble hamburger is an epitomic example. Though established in the 80s, this five-state franchise might as well be from a set of “Grease,” sans only the roller girls and slicked hair. The restaurant doesn’t fool around: a warm bun, some meat, maybe a condiment or two. Add fries and a shake (or a “breeze”), and the doo-wop groups seem to come out of the woodwork. It’s this simplicity that makes the ‘Stand so satisfying. 

Teton Thai, Teton Village, WY

Let’s be honest: “Thai” and “Wyoming” rarely occupy the same book, let alone the same sentence. But the Jackson Hole area is full of exceptions. Named by the Chicago Tribune as the “best Thai for at least 500 miles,” this family-run, compellingly-authentic restaurant has fed and fueled a kaleidoscope of tourists, locals, and jet-setters alike. With the amazing produce and environs afforded by the surrounding wilderness, this establishment crafts some of the most delicious, well-executed and responsibly-sourced cuisine from Thailand, the “land of free people.” Not to mention, the amenities and panoramic views afforded by Teton Village and Jackson Hole Ski Resort makes for a memorable experience alone. Any and all dishes here are satisfying: pick at random, and it’s bound to be aroi mak (“very delicious”)! 

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Eggington’s, Casper, WY

This hip breakfast-brunch-lunch top-stop is so darn delicious and comforting, no matter the craving. Open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., this joint always has a little line. All the taste buds are accounted for: sweet and salty and savory and anything Americana. For those who can’t decide, they have it all at Eggington’s: brunch buffet, breakfast tacos, Eggs Benedict, burgers, panini, you name it. Standouts include the “Florentine” (artichoke hearts, spinach and melty havarti) and the “Bubba Burger,” with green chiles cheddarjack. 

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Born in a Barn, Laramie, WY

This so-called barn has some of the best gastropub food in the region. They have two deliciously-honorable obsessions: burgers and wings. And food lovers should be thankful. It’s not only that savory-smoky-sweet aroma that bombards salivating guests. It’s also the fun menu that allows one to perfect the burger or wing experience. Wings can be boneless or smoked (or pork!), slathered in a rainbow of sauces evoking spicy pineapples, chile-peanut butters and cheesy-garlic. The burgers are comparably customizable, from bun to patty to topping. It’s a wonder there aren’t more barn-centered eateries. 

Pearl Street Market, Jackson, WY

As centuries of culinary professionals, loving grandmas and the Alice Waters’ enlightenment proved, ingredients matter. They are the focus. They only important thing. So a natural, organic, literally ingredient-centric enterprise is the logical choice for an inevitably delicious lunch. The Pearl Street Market is enviable in its location and clientele, both of which provide and demand the wealth of resources to support a high-quality, responsible community grub-hub. The sandwiches and small-plates are stellar here. Hot or cold or build-your own, or atop a plate with frites and a side, this high-end deli of sorts is all about guilt-free guilty pleasure. 

Pinky G’s Pizzeria, Jackson Hole, WY

This local favorite does pizza and they do it very well. Pinky G’s has live music, sports viewing opportunity, great drinks, and delicious food. There isn’t much more you could ask for from a local lunch spot. Head to Pinky G’s the next time your stomach is rumbling and you’re in Jackson! 

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