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Wyoming Dinosaur Center And Dig Sites

Wyoming Dinosaur Center And Dig Sites
110 Carter Ranch Road

Dinosaurs walked around Thermopolis between 65 and 145 million years ago during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Step through the doors of The Wyoming Dinosaur Center and you are transported into a world where rulers of the earth were not men but creatures that would think modern elephants were a snack. Tyrannosaurus rex, king of the dinosaurs, had flesh-tearing six-inch teeth. Though they may be extinct, their massive bones remain to educate and thrill us. The Museum has over 30 mounted dinosaurs, a modern preparation laboratory and hundred of displays and dioramas. Among the featured displays in the Hall of Dinosaurs are two Velociraptor specimens, which are shown hunting the early horned dinosaur, Protoceratops. Voted “most exciting” by kids is “Stan” a 41-foot T-Rex that is attacking a Triceratops horridus.  The walk through time displays are arranged from earliest life forms to dinosaurs and mammals. The noteworthy collection includes fossil fish from Scotland, flying reptiles from Brazil, marine reptiles from Russia and Switzerland and fossil dinosaur eggs from China and Argentina. Tours of the Dig Sites begin as soon as the weather permits. The dig sites offer a rare opportunity to see dinosaur bones in the ground and actual excavation.

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