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Wilson - Bar J Chuckwagon Supper and Western Music Show

4200 West Bar J Chuckwagon

Originated on a working cattle ranch, the Bar J Chuckwagon takes you back to the spirit of the old west with a relaxing atmosphere,  rib stickin’ meal and authentic cowboy entertainment.   The Bar J Wranglers will entertain the entire family as they take you down memory trail with songs, stories, comedy, yodeling, fiddling and more!


stacey johnson

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Fabulous family friendly entertainment. I'm not necessarily a fan of the Chuck wagon way of dining, but that banjo and violin make you forget all else. I LOVED it! Then of course you can buy their music and listen to it all the time. Splendid!

Aaron Echols

Monday, March 5, 2018
this was so fun! the food was good. the music was excellent. the stories kept you in the edge of your seat. I can't wait to go back!!!!

Corey Cherrington

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018
What an experience this was! They play wonderful music and provide lovely barbeque food for the audience. Be aware that not all of their dishes are made equal (I'd get the ribs next time). I think the main reason to go here is for the experience though. However, the seating is really uncomfortable, so bring something to remedy that situation if you have back problems of any sort. I had a good time there though! Would go again.

Douglas Leatham

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Fantastic dinner and awesome show. Very friendly atmosphere. I would live here, if I could!!!

Cameron Kimball

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017
This place is great! The food is really good and the show is fantastic! It's a little on the pricey side though so be prepared to pay, but you are paying for dinner and a show so in that regard it’s pretty reasonable.

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