Wild West Airshow

Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019 from 8:00am to 4:00pm


The Wyoming Air National Guard is hosting the Wild West Air Show at the 153rd Airlift Wing, 217 Dell Range Blvd. We’ll be featuring aerial and ground demonstrations throughout the day as well as static aircraft and military equipment displays. There will be food and drink vendors, activities for the kids and an opportunity to get up close to the Thunderbirds prior to takeoff and after landing.

Only shuttle bus traffic will be allowed on the base due to security and parking restrictions. Shuttle buses will leave continuously from the Frontier Mall. The mall is located at 1400 Dell Range Blvd.

Vehicles with handicap plates may enter the main gate at 217 Dell Range Blvd., from the east direction only by making a right-turn onto the base. Vehicles heading west on Dell Range Blvd. will not be authorized to access base. Pedestrian foot traffic will also be allowed at the main gate.

All visitors must bring a valid ID. No weapons-including pocket knives, coolers, or containers will be allowed on the base. Security personnel may search all bags. Vendors will be selling food and drink on base during the air show.


9:15am: Airshow Opening Act – WY Civic Leader Parachute Drop
9:30am: Thunderbirds Ground Show and Take Off
12:55pm: Minijet
1:00pm: Navy Seals Leap Frogs Parachute Jump
1:00pm: MAFFS C-130 Demo Ship Depart
1:12pm: Tom Larkin Minijet Flyby
1:20pm: ANG MAFFS C-130 Water Drop Demo
1:25pm: ANG C-130 Flyby and Pitchout
1:35pm: UH-1 Helicopter Demo
2:15pm: Gary Rower Stearman Show
2:30pm: Tom Larkin Minjet Show
2:45pm: F4U4 Corsair Flyby’s
2:55pm: Buck Roteman Pitts Show
2:30pm: CAF SNB Flyby’s
3:40pm: Don Nelson T-6 Show
3:55pm: Gary and Buck Team Act and Ribbon Cut